Montrose Technologies Partners with ABI Ltd.

(Ottawa, ON) October, 2020 Montrose Technologies has partnered with ABI Ltd., a specialized manufacturer and integrator of automated baking equipment, to produce a new vision inspection and separation system for licorice producers.  The system allows producers to ensure proper shape, size and color of the product as well as to check for the presence of foreign materials.

Additionally, the system auto-diverts and stacks full trays found to contain a fault.  Entire batches are imaged and analyzed in a single process step with various tray and product color combinations accounted for in analysis and reporting.

vision inspection for candy

ABI Ltd. provides stand-alone equipment and production lines for small and medium-sized wholesale bakeries.  They also design and integrate full end-to-end lines for many of the world’s largest industrial baking centers.

Montrose Technologies is a leading supplier of automated vision inspection, rejection and intelligent material handling systems.  Its proprietary 2D/3D color imaging engine provides accurate size, shape, and color information for fast moving objects of any orientation.  With over 250 systems installed worldwide our customer list includes many of the biggest names in the food industry.