Automated vision inspection, rejection and intelligent material handling.


MT SeriesTM

In-line Measurement System


The MT-Series of system use high-speed non-contact imaging to quantify a wide range of object characteristics and to automatically divert individual faulty pieces not suitable for packaging.

mt seris in-line vision inspection system for the food industry

MT-Series In-Line Measurement System


An MT-Series system is typically positioned just after the product is formed/baked/cooked, or just before packaging.  At either location, the vision system can be configured to capture many product attributes, such as true color (top, bottom), height, diameter, symmetry, length, width, and volume.  The production data collected is available in real-time and is valuable to everyone in the facility to increase yields and maximize gross margins.


Each MT-Series turnkey solution is designed to fit the customers requirements.  Specifically, type and size of product transport through the vision system, the number of cameras needed for the measurement requirements, the individual product rejection method, and hygienic/environmental considerations.  Furthermore, MT Series systems may include other customized material handling solutions such as automatic de-kissing of product, automatic box loading, and multi-route sorting.


The systems are easy to use, sanitize, and have a low annual maintenance cost.  The outcome of this is that MT-Series customers are largely self-sufficient.

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