Automated vision inspection, rejection and intelligent material handling.



Current Opportunities


Montrose Technologies is growing at a steady pace and we are currently looking for experienced candidates to join our R&D and Operations groups. Please send your cover letter and resume to


Working at Montrose Technologies


Montrose Technology prides itself on its unique culture of mutual respect and camaraderie among its employees.  Employees are encouraged to share ideas, participate in every aspect of the business, work hard and enjoy each others company.


Best-practices in place today include:


  • Competitive salaries
  • Excellent medical and dental benefits
  • Three weeks paid vacation to start
  • Training for personal and professional development
  • Internal job postings
  • An excellent work/life balance
  • All the coffee you can drink!!!


At Montrose Technologies we work hard to provide fair and equal opportunities for all employees to allow for personal career growth. If employees require an accommodation we will provide one that takes into account the specific need of the employee.


We offer a wide range of opportunities and are always looking for people with talent and enthusiasm to join our team!



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