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Buns, Breads and Baked Goods Vision Inspection

All manufacturers are looking for ways to be more efficient and profitable, while maintaining the desired product consistency and customer satisfaction.  Often though, bakeries do not have all of the required process data to make the decisions that will lead to the desired incremental improvements.  A Montrose inspection system can provide invaluable process data about your products visual characteristics while at the same time reducing your labor requirements.

Montrose vision and handling systems provide a complete inspection, individual fault rejection and handling solution created specifically for buns, bread loaves, bagels, croissants, and English muffin manufacturers.  Receive comprehensive statistical analysis of variability while removing human involvement from inspection, rejection, and laning.


Montrose inspection software is easily configured to include your specifications and to continuously monitor for all product attributes and faults that are most important to you.  Systems are designed to fit off-line or in your production line, to suit your bakery environment, and exceed your hygiene requirements.



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